Automating your mailroom and forwarding your mail to a different state to where your digital mailroom service provider is can feel like a big leap. It’s important to protect your mail and your important business documents. If you’re looking for a safe place to send your mail when looking for a digital mailroom solution provider, New Hampshire could be the best choice. Here are a few reasons why New Hampshire is the safest state for your mail and digital mailroom solution:

  1. Low crime rate

New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, New Hampshire had the third-lowest crime rate in the United States in 2020. There are lower rates of theft and vandalism, therefore the risk of mail tampering or theft may be lower in New Hampshire compared to areas with higher crime rates. While your mail may not be going to your state, you can be rest assured that the chances of your mail being stolen or tampered with are much lower than in many other states by choosing to outsource to New Hampshire. 

 2. Secure mailboxes and post offices

New Hampshire has strict regulations when it comes to mailbox security. Mailboxes must be approved by the United States Postal Services and meet specific security standards, including being securely anchored to the ground and having a locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, many New Hampshire post offices have security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras and secure drop boxes.

 3. Postal inspectors

New Hampshire is home to several Postal Inspectors who work to protect the mail and postal system from theft, fraud, and other crimes. The USPS  has its own security protocols and measures to protect mail throughout the country, including New Hampshire, such as surveillance systems, tracking technologies, and security procedures. These inspectors work closely with local law enforcement agencies and are highly trained to investigate mail-related crimes. New Hampshire’s well-regarded law enforcement system works to maintain public safety and protect against criminal activity, including mail tampering or crimes involving the postal system.

 4. Rural and sparsely populated

New Hampshire is known for its rural areas and its small population densities. In less densely populated areas, there may be less opportunity for crime, such as mail theft or tampering. These rural areas are also known for their tight-knit communities where people tend to watch out for one another. Neighbors and onlookers are more likely to to keep an eye out and report suspicious activity or unusual incidents to law enforcement, detering mail-related crimes.

Curious as to how an outsourced digital mailroom solution works? At Recordsforce, incoming mail is directed to a dedicated New Hampshire customer PO box. Mail is brought to our secure, SSAE-18 certified document scanning facility located in Portsmouth, NH, where we will open and sort your mail. The documents of value are scanned with our high-speed scanners, and the data you require is extracted. Your data and images are then quality reviewed for accuracy and digitally routed to you for processing. 

In all, New Hampshire is a safe and secure place to send your mail when choosing a digital mailroom service provider. The low crime rate, secure mailboxes and post offices, postal inspectors and law enforcement work in unison to protect your mail and important documents. You can trust that your mail is in good hands.