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Recordsforce Cloud: One Solution For Your Entire Organization

What is Recordsforce Cloud?

Recordsforce Cloud is a web-based document management system designed for users to be able to access their documents securely from anywhere. It is the perfect low-code platform for developing and deploying business applications within your organization. Recordsforce Cloud is a document storage, document retention, workflow automation system, E-Form creator and collaboration portal all in one. Since Recordsforce Cloud is completely web-based there is no software to install or apps to download. You can’t make secure cloud-based document management any easier.

Recordsforce Cloud

Delivering Critical Capabilities to Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Document Storage

Securely store, retain, access, and manage your documentation better


Increase efficiency and accountability within any process


Operate paperlessly and create entirely digital submission processes

Document Storage

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Secure Document Management

The Recordsforce Cloud document management and document storage system helps companies safely manage all of their documents and information across their entire operation and provides secure access to the data you need from anywhere. Securely store and manage all types of digital data, including documents, photographs, digital video content, audio files, and electronic forms.



Route Work Effectively Through A Cloud-Based Platform

Paper-based business process management is labor intensive, error prone and lacks accountability. Recordsforce’s automated workflow services automate your business process management, accelerating completion and driving accountability into your organization’s critical business processes.


Recordsforce Cloud

Cloud-Based Form Creation

Paper-based forms are time consuming, and difficult to distribute, track, manage and file. Electronic Forms, or E-Forms, are the modern replacement for your paper forms. By creating digital processes with E-Forms you can add speed and accountability to any document process, giving you all of the flexibility and control you need to run your operation paperlessly. 

How Companies Use Recordsforce Cloud

Accounts Payable Automation

Back Office

Store and retain all of your corporate documentation. No need to waste production space or pay for physical storage. Securely access all of your documents from anywhere on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Create users and teams to easily manage who can see what and how much access they have. Quickly retain any document or document type with ability to search by any field or even any word.

Human Resources

Built in workflow functionality enables the ability to automate steps within the hiring process, onboarding, managing employee files and training documentation all in one place. From new employee enrollment to annual benefits and recruiting, you can easily increase operational efficiency within your Human Resources department with Recordsforce Cloud.

Human Resources

Contracts & Proposals

Submit, review, edit, sign, and manage contract retention all in one place. Create E-Forms for contract submissions to kick off the review process and store documents in the right place automatically. Use built in workflow to automate reviews and multi-step approvals. Set renewal alerts and notifications.  Make faster decisions and improve productivity

Accounts Payable

Handle all of your invoice reviews and integrate with your accounting system to streamline your entire AP process. Retain invoices properly and automatically purge what you don’t need to keep. Auto indexing available so your team never has to enter data off an invoice again. Automate review and approval with built in workflow functionality. Share revisions with customers easily with publicly facing forms. Accelerate processing/approval turn-around times and avoid late fees.

Accounts Payable

Health & Safety

Store and retain digital safety documentation securely from anywhere with Recordsforce Cloud. Manage risk in real time. Connect field services with other teams with a mobile, web-based tool. Submit and store health & safety checklists in the field with E-Forms. Conduct trainings and store the documentation automatically.

No software, Unlimited Users, Implement in Seconds Across All Devices

Our document management system was built from the ground up to support desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Since Recordsforce Cloud is completely web-based, there is no software to install for the client machines and no apps to install on any computers, tablets or phones. 

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