Document Scanning & Document Automation Case Studies

Learn more about how Recordsforce has helped multiple industries and departments digitize their paper and automate their processes.

Record Retention Guidelines By State

We created a compiled list of record retention schedules by state to assist you in figuring out what documents you need to keep, and for how long and which ones you can shred. If you have any questions about document storage or management, feel free to reach out to us!

Why Use Recordsforce Cloud?

See how simple and time-saving it is to use Recordsforce Cloud over other document management systems for your business processes.


Learn about the key features that the Recordsforce Cloud has to offer to help your business manage your documents with ease!


Automate and control the way documents are created by using variable content and data in a simple, intuitive way with the Recordsforce Cloud.

E-Form Creation Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to create simple and easy electronic forms that upload directly into your system so you can do away with physical paper forms and the headaches they create!

Quickbooks Integration

Easily integrate into QuickBooks with Recordsforce Cloud for all of your document management needs.

Contracts Retention & Workflow

With the Recordsforce Cloud, submit documentation through the form and trigger workflow actions, and increase the efficiency of your contracts process.

Prepare For Your Document Scanning Project

Cut costs on your next document scanning project by following these tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents do you scan?

Recordsforce can scan all types, sizes and volumes of documents. We scan medical records, auto dealership documents, government records, lab notebooks, legal documents, aperture cards, invoices, employment records, financial documents, you name it!

How do you get our documents? 

Recordsforce can arrange a courier to transport them back to our secure, SSAE-18 SOC 1 Type II compliant facility, or we can help you package and send them by mail (fully insured and trackable).

How can I estimate how many documents I have?

As a guide, standard bankers box holds up to 2,500 pages and a vertical filing cabinet holds 3,000 to 5,000 pages. A more detailed estimate for your scanning project can be found on our Scanning Project Estimate Generator.

How do you deliver the scanned documents?

Digitized images and data can be delivered in a variety of formats. Options including an encrypted thumb drive, uploaded to one of our cloud-based systems, SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to our portal, or uploaded directly to your system

What happens if I need a document while it is at your facility?

When you are in need of a document, you request it, we will find the stored document, digitize it, and deliver the image through our secure cloud-based software in a short period of time, where you can access it at anytime.

How long will the project take? 

That depends on how many files you have and the condition they are in (if they have a lot of staples or are large format they can take longer). However, we offer complete transparency into the process utilizing our PACE system – You can always see the status of your batches!

Can you return the records once they’re scanned? 

Absolutely! We can return them immediately or we can store your boxes free of charge for up 3 months until you determine how you’d like to proceed.

What certification do you have for security?  

Recordsforce facility is SSAE-18 SOC Type II compliant.  The SOC II focuses on a business’s controls as they relate to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of a system. We make sure you have the best in class protection for your important documents.

How do you determine pricing?

Our pricing is based on the physical size of the documents (large format, regular documents, etc.), amount of documents, the quality of the documents, as well as the types of data extraction and delivery requirements.

Can you receive and process electronic documents?

Yes! We can have a dedicated portal set up, monitored directly by us. We sort the incoming emails/documents for processing. We can extract the required data off the necessary documents and deliver them into your workflow or systems.

Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff.


Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy.


We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II Compliant facility.


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience.