An ERP For Your Scanning Business

Performance. Accuracy. Commitment. Engagement.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to do great work that they can enjoy. That’s achieved by creating objective measures of accountability, organizational transparency, operator autonomy, automated process workflow and training in a gamified interface.

PACE Business Operating System


PACE Document Processing Software

Business Operating System

Created by document scanning experts to reduce costs & streamline repetitive processes.


  • Measures the performance of employees
    • Work Queue
    • Productivity Track
  • Tracks work through an entire process
  • Creates reports that help give insight
    • Time Tracking
    • Profitability
    • Project Status
  • Cloud Based – Run multiple operation centers & better manage client-office based employees



Screenshot of PACE reports

Why use PACE?

  • Increase document conversion productivity & throughput.
  • Reduce capital expenditures for timekeeping software, trouble ticket software, internal email, and for hardware like scanners due to better utilization.
  • Ensure compliance with internal, external & third-party requirements: FDA, DoD,  ISO-9000s, SSAE-16, HIPAA, PCII, etc..
  • Shorten sales cycles & achieve more wins.
  • Eliminate paperwork instructions & spreadsheet job tracking
  • Easily measure change
  • Drive employee accountability and improve morale!

Key Job Tracking Features:

Batches & Work Queue

Replaces your real whiteboard or spreadsheet for your task tracking of work in progress (WIP).  Shows all active batches by the due date.

Performance Charting

Employee benchmarking for throughput and other key production metrics.


Set up users, permission groups, projects, run billing reports, etc.

Management Dashboard

Job management tracks revenue progress for the day, month, year, employee tracking, etc.

Time Clock

Accurate time measurements to specific projects.  Feeds both employee payroll and client billing.

Client Portal

Ensure document chain of custody. Provide (optional) view into your operations.

Work Instructions & SOPs

Training & acknowledgment for each new/changed instruction.

In-Depth Reporting

Generate profit, revenue, productivity, work-in-progress and many other reports by the job, employee, date, etc.

The biggest differences we noticed after using PACE are the ease in which it allows us to manage staff without having to look over one’s shoulder, the collection of metrics to improve efficiencies within production and the platform it provides for both production and management to communicate with each other in order to meet a common goal.

Alan Bugayong

Operations Manager, Octacom

The live snapshot into business profitability has been great not only for me from an operational perspective but also to our Sales staff to bid on jobs using the knowledge we have from our metrics. Within the first year, we captured an additional $3500.00 from one customer alone!  I am able to make sure my staff are working efficiently and cut down on idle time.

Amy Krieger

Operations Manager, ARMS

Case Study:

PACE: Business Operating System
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Document Processing Software

Process your documents more efficiently and accurately using our document processing software. Eliminate manual steps and automate your entire data extraction process.  Your team can automatically import projects, run OCR, classify documents, and extract data with extreme accuracy.   Finish the last mile all within the same system, and have complete control of every batch with built in monitoring and management tools.


stack of mess documents

Software Features:

Auto Import

Automate your project setup from scanning to data extraction without effort.

Auto Classification

Automated document recognition & assigning business rules around data extraction requirements. 

Auto Data Extraction

Intelligent Data Capture, Form Capture, Barcode Reading, Zonal OCR and AI Based Capture.

Data Validation

Ability to quality review documents in real time. 

Report Server

Management tool which allows you to track every job at every level, by task, employee, speed, accuracy, and more!

Auto OCR

Make your process more efficient by automating the image processing of your documents.

Document E-Prep

Ability to manually classify documents to assist the online training of AI. 

Data Capture

Process documents at 99% accuracy combining AI with human processing

Auto Export

Automatically export data into backend systems in real time.

System Monitoring

Real time system monitoring for successful completion of all imports, exports, SFTP transfers, deliveries, system errors, etc.

Cost Savings

  • Leveraging the Employee Performance Reporting in PACE over 9 months, Recordsforce was able to make their scanning operators 2½ times more efficient
  • This resulted in a 77% operational efficiency gain
  • What used to take 100 hours to scan, now takes 40 hours
  • Recordsforce utilized the feedback capabilities to tweak their document prep team’s procedures. Placing high accuracy ahead of speedy prep means fewer hiccups and more cost savings

Revenue Growth

  • The Portal feature in PACE turned a third-place start into Recordsforce’s biggest win ever!
  • The portal enables real-time status and tracking of documents in process for image and data capture, down to the individual document level via a self-service portal
  • Save support hours of document follow up with real time access via the portal