Data Extraction

Easily Turn Unstructured Documents Into Usable Data

Data extraction is used to efficiently gather valuable information from diverse sources, enable informed decision-making & ensure that organizations can harness the full potential of their data.

Data Extraction

Any Document, Any Data

We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to data extraction. Because we don’t simply rely on software, our team is able to deliver completely customized data entry and extraction solutions to address your company’s unique needs.  Artificial intelligence is extremely useful, but it only solves a portion of the equation. Recordsforce is able to offer a complete automated data extraction solution so your team can focus on analyzing the output, rather than acquiring the data.

Guaranteed Speed & Accuracy

Processing thousands of pages each day can come with costly human errors that slow down the entire operation. The Recordsforce production team is measured in regard to speed of processing, but then validated through quality control for accuracy.  Speed is great, unless it comes with errors. Accuracy is vital to the success of the process.  Having both measured creates a system of checks and balances that ensures our clients receive the highest quality of work in the fastest time possible.

Data Extraction

How Do We Get Started?

It’s simple – You define your data capture needs by letting us know your challenges and work requirements. Our highly experienced Data Entry Technicians, with the help of AI, will extract the key elements and data you need off of your documents with efficiency and accuracy, and deliver them directly to you.

HIPAA Compliant Document Scanning
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FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Document Scanning
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Data Extraction For All Industries

Regardless of your industry and whether your documents exist in paper or digital form, they harbor essential data that is crucial for the seamless operation of your business. Our team excels in gathering your documents, extracting the vital data, and promptly delivering the processed data in any desired format, often within the same day or a few hours of receipt.


Our Process for Data Extraction

Data Extraction Process

Why Outsource Your Data Entry Needs?

No need to hire temps or require on-site services. It can be extremely inefficient, and from a security standpoint, pretty risky.


Get The Job Done

Recordsforce has the right equipment and highly trained staff to extract data safely and securely.

SSAE-18 SOC II Compliant

We are a vetted secure provider. Audited annually we ensure everything we do is in the highest regard for data privacy.


PACE Portal

Have complete visibility of your documents during the process.  Unmatched transparency with PACE



We may not have seen your exact files, but we have experience with ones just like them.


Easy Integration

We can quickly and easily integrate your images and data directly into your systems.

Focus On Your Company

Focus your team on your organization’s goals rather than worrying about data entry.

OCR: Transform Your Digital Images Into Fully Searchable Files

Document scanning is only the first step in helping your office transition to paperless quickly and efficiently. Recordsforce’s Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to navigate to specific words or phrases within your files immediately.

By utilizing Recordsforce’s SSAE-18 compliant optical character recognition services, also known as OCR, the most important information residing on your documents is extracted, allowing you to search for individual words or phrases within each of your documents.

Data Extraction

Benefits of Recordsforce’s OCR

Significantly Reduces Time To Find Key Information

Eliminates Manual Data Entry Requirements

Combines with an ECM & Workflow For Complete Automation

Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff.


Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy.


We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II Compliant facility.


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience.