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Transform Your Digital Images Into Fully Searchable Files

Document scanning is only the first step in helping your office transition to paperless quickly and efficiently. Recordsforce’s Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to navigate to specific words or phrases within your files immediately.

By utilizing Recordsforce’s SSAE-18 compliant optical character recognition services, also known as OCR, the most important information residing on your documents is extracted, allowing you to search for individual words or phrases within each of your documents.

Benefits of Recordsforce’s OCR:


Significantly reduces time to find key information


Eliminates manual data entry requirements


Combines with an electronic content management system and workflow for complete process automation

Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff



Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy



We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II compliant facility


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience