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Secure Document Storage

The Recordsforce Cloud document management and document storage system helps companies safely manage all of their documents and information across their entire operation and provides secure access to the data you need from anywhere. Securely store and manage all types of digital data, including documents, photographs, digital video content, audio files, and electronic forms.

Document Retention

Never store more than you need. Set document retention guidelines on any document type to automatically specify when documents should be taken offline and how. Defining and exercising proper retention policies for documents is every bit as important as storing and preserving your documents.

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Recordsforce Cloud Automatic Notifications

Automatic Notifications

Mitigate your organization’s risks with a fully-automated set of intelligent retention triggers that can be configured to identify, archive and dispose of documents based on easy-to-define business rules.

Have Full Control Over Your Documents

Rest easy knowing your documents are safe and secure. All changes and access to information is tracked by Recordsforce Cloud. View any changes or revisions to your documents and who made those changes. Users who make changes or add/delete new items are all authenticated and logged and available for reporting.


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