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Electronic Forms

Make any document process paperless from the start! Paper-based forms are time consuming, and difficult to distribute, track, manage and file. Electronic Forms, or E-Forms, are the modern replacement for your paper forms. By creating digital processes with E-Forms you can add speed and accountability to any document process, giving you all of the flexibility and control you need to run your operation paperlessly. 

Easily Capture Data

E-Forms allow for internal and external data capture and enables automated sharing of information by kicking off review or approval workflows upon submission. As an electronic replacement for paper forms, users can enter information directly into your system, rather than it being written on paper and then scanned or re-typed into to be processed.  This adds considerable speed and accountability to any process.

eform example

How Can They Be Used?

E-forms can be leveraged in virtually any area of business. Any paper document can be created into a digital one instead.

Human Resources
  • Employment Applications
  • Request for Access
  • Time Sheet
  • Employee Reviews
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Registration
Higher Education
  • School Application
  • Financial Aid Applications
  • Policy & Procedure Reviews
  • Training
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Insurance
Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Submissions
  • Expense Reports
  • Invoice Corrections
  • W9 Submissions
  • Expense Reports
  • Credit Applications
  • Secure Sharing of Information

No Code – Easy Implementation


Simple Form Creation

With the E-Form builder, you can quickly and easily create sophisticated forms with a drag & drop feature that can be used for any form!  Easily reproduce any paper form as a digital E-Form.

→ Quickly view information

→ Enter any additional data

→ Upload additional documents

→ View existing documents

→ Collaborate with other users

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