Route Work Effectively Through A Cloud-Based Platform

Paper-based business process management is labor intensive, error prone and lacks accountability. Recordsforce’s automated workflow services automate your business process management, accelerating completion and driving accountability into your organization’s critical business processes, all while boosting productivity.

Securely run your business processes in one centralized database and use workflow automation to drive productivity – anytime, anywhere.

Automatic Notifications

Work Triggers automatically send notifications via email or text to let users know of new work assigned to them. Each notification can be completely customized to provide the proper information an individual user needs to complete their work.

→ Available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to remind users how many tasks are still left for them to complete.

→ Escalation triggers can be built in to automatically notify managers if a member of the team is holding up work getting done.

→  Automatically remind users on a task-by-task basis as part of the built-in Follow Up system.


Management & Reporting

→ Each user has their own workflow information panel that keeps track of their performance over a given time. Employees and managers can easily track how closely they are hitting their goals and completing the tasks assigned to them.

→ Management can access workflow performance across all processes they run. This allows them to monitor the KPI’s of their processes to ensure compliance and goal attainment. Work can be reassigned as needed to help alleviate clogs in the process. Managers can run current and historical reports for workflow like overdue reports, user workflow reports, work trigger reports and more.

How Is It Implemented?

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