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Digital Mailroom Solution: Eliminate Paper Before It Ever Reaches Your Desk!

With our digital mailroom solution, your incoming mail, such as invoices, claims, or any corporate mail, is routed to our secure document scanning facility. The documents of value are scanned with our high-speed scanners. The data and images are reviewed for accuracy and then delivered securely via our Recordsforce Cloud software, which can route your documents to the right person in your organization automatically for zero-touch processing.

How A Digital Mailroom Works


Digital Mailroom Process

Manage Your Mail Securely

Our SSAE-18 compliant production process, combined with our PACE system, means your incoming mail is processed through our HIPAA compliant digital mailroom services securely, quickly and accurately. Work instructions are established for your various document types and once scanned, we automatically route the documents where you want them delivered.  We will extract and validate the information from your incoming mail and convert it quickly into the data your people rely on to operate.

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The Recordsforce Difference

We believe in the power of real people. That’s why our outsourced digital mailroom services are managed by a dedicated team, ensuring that your mail is processed accurately and efficiently. Our commitment to real customer support means that you can always reach a friendly expert to assist you with any questions or concerns. Experience the difference of a personalized mailroom service with Recordsforce.

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More than just software, Recordsforce offers an end-to-end outsourced mailroom solution that includes collecting the mail, extracting the data quickly, and delivering directly into your systems and workflows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we acquire the original documents in which physical copies are required for us to keep?

We collect the items you require, digitize them and then mail the original document(s) back to you. Our document management system has a built-in button where your employees can request any original document they require as needed. It is standard to send back documents such as checks, contracts, or other typical forms that are needed in a physical format.

How long does it take to be implemented?

We work with your team as long as needed to get the system up and running and working for your team. Typical turnaround time from signup to getting mail processed is about 2 weeks.

Will this slow down the rate at which we get our mail?

Quite the contrary, it speeds it up! We collect mail daily and then scan and deliver the digitized documents within 48 hours.

How is a digital mailroom implemented?

First we meet with your team on a weekly basis to identify your different document types. From there we design business process rules and routing rules for each document type. We then build out your delivery workflow. As mail starts to come in, we perform testing and make alterations to the workflow to make it best suits your needs.

How do you handle junk mail?

Consider us your spam folder! Mail such as publications, magazines, and non-business related mail is scanned and routed to the right person in your organization to make a decision on whether it should be kept or not. Other mail will go to a general inbox monitored by a stakeholder on your team and new business process rules are designed around that type of mail on an ongoing basis, such as if it should be processed and forwarded or not digitized and shredded. 

Improve Your Business


Reduce Operating Costs

Eliminate tedious and cost-increasing manual work like sorting mail and even things like indexing and routing data while also minimizing errors.

Free Up Space

No more mail means no more need for mail storage. You completely eliminate your dependence on a physical space for managing mail.

Enable Remote Work

Easily connect your enterprise. Provide every person and department access to crucial information in an instant, from anywhere.

Accelerate Data Delivery

Having a streamlined process for incoming data means information gets to the right people immediately and boosts productivity.

Increase Data Security

No more missing documents or important correspondence going to the wrong person and your digital files are encrypted/password protected.

Increase Visibility

Gain a new layer of accountability with a dashboard that ensures nothing gets missed and automated reminders of tasks that need to be taken care of.

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Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff.


Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy.


We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II Compliant facility.


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience.

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