What Is Document Automation?

An end-to-end outsourced solution of transforming documents into intelligent data, delivered directly into your systems

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Front-End Document Processing

Why automate? Don’t waste anymore time and money dealing with collecting documents or manually entering data off them in order to operate your business. No matter the document type, Recordsforce can handle the collection of  your incoming records, digitize them if needed, extract the required data and deliver everything directly into your systems so your team can focus where they are needed most.

Data Extraction

Do you have a collection of documents and electronic records that would be really useful if you could actually acquire the data off them?  Let your employees focus on the tasks at hand instead of entering data from your documents. Recordsforce uses a combination of AI and manual extraction, which is then validated through quality control, to deliver accuracy levels that AI alone is simply not able to meet. Our clients receive the highest quality of work in the fastest time possible. 

Data Extraction


Route work efficiently through a cloud-based platform. Work triggers automatically send notifications via email or text to let users know of new work assigned to them. Drive productivity – anytime, anywhere.  Eliminate the need for manual follow up to drive the completion of business processes. Workflow handles all your process management tasks for you and ensures deadlines are met and productivity stays high.


E-Forms are the modern replacement to your paper forms. Digital processes using E-Forms can speed up your business, and add a considerable amount of accountability to every process. Users can enter information directly into your system, which can then kick off a review or approval workflow upon submission.  Any and all document and data collection tasks can be digitized and enhanced by leveraging the power of E-Forms. 

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