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À La Carte Accounts Payable Automation

Recordsforce offers a total invoice processing solution with their accounts payable automation options.


front-end invoice processing

OCR and Data Capture software only get you so far.  Recordsforce’s front-end invoice processing services deliver 99.5% accuracy, directly into your systems.

Accounts Payable WORKFLOW

Route your invoices directly to approvers and notify them of their review tasks automatically.  Increase your review speed and get invoices paid faster.


Automate your process all the way through to your vendors being paid.  The process is secure & simple…you approve, you fund, we remit and reconcile.

Accounts Payable Front End Invoice Scanning

Go paperless and eliminate the data entry of invoices into your ERP.  Manual data entry and filing physical paper invoices are side effects of not using best practices for your invoice approval and payment processes. Our SSAE-18 compliant Accounts Payable Scanning Solution helps you quickly integrate the power of accounts payable automation into your process. In fact, our top of the line document scanning technology is the fastest way to leverage automation in your day-to-day processes. Drastically reduce the time spent searching for and entering information in your invoices and automate your entire accounts payable process.


Retrieve Files

Digitize Files

Extract Data


Deliver To You

Accounts Payable Approval Workflow

Manually delivering and collecting invoices for approval is not a best practice for your AP department. It lacks visibility, accountability and control. Recordsforce’s Accounts Payable Workflow automates your invoice processing management.  Invoices are distributed securely to proper users, and forwarded through successive steps automatically. Invoices can be prioritized based on specific criteria, and transparency into each task within the process is available. Recordsforce’s Accounts Payable Workflow aims to accelerate completion and drive accountability into your organization’s accounts payable process.


Invoices are onboarded


Approvers are Notified

Invoices Move Through Workflow

data is routed automatically

Payment Processing

Paying suppliers electronically has never been easier.  Unlike bank solutions Recordsforce payment processing services does all the work for you, from enrolling your vendors to processing payments to reconciliation and follow up.  Simply upload your existing check file and fund your payments and we take over from there.  We go the extra mile to protect your payments—securely enrolling your suppliers online, encrypting their account information, storing it on your behalf and requiring secondary authentication for administrators using the website. And, because all virtual cards are issued in our name, you’re never exposed to fraud.


Invoices are approved

You Fund Your Account

We Remit to your Vendors


We Reconcile All Payments

Accounting System Agnostic

We’ve successfully integrated with customers who use all of the top accounting ERPs and more

Accounts Payable Shared Services

Creating a Shared Services capability allows your company to combine the AP departments of multiple operating entities or even separate business units into a single layer AP Shared Services center. Recordsforce provides outsourced invoice processing with a turnkey solution that enables your Shared Service center to immediately take over the invoice processing for multiple separate AP groups, while improving the efficiency and accountability of invoice approvals and payments.

HIPAA Compliant Accounts Payable Services

HIPAA compliance is vital for anyone working in the healthcare industry. With Recordsforce you can be sure that your document retention processes maintain HIPAA compliance. Whether it be HIPAA compliant invoicing, document retention, or another process related to paper, put the Recordsforce experts in your corner and be sure that you’re staying compliant.

Since its creation, Recordsforce has worked side by side with every size of medical practice, with a stellar record of success. Wherever you stand in your paper practices, rest assured that the Recordsforce team has the years of experience and know-how to help you with all of your file scanning needs. 

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Lower Your Cost Per Invoice & Automate Your Accounts Payable Process With Recordsforce

  • Lower your cost per invoice by as much as 65%
  • Enhance visibility and control
  • Return on investment in as little as 6 months
  • Improve data accuracy by leveraging invoice automation software
  • Complete customization of your accounts payable process
  • Faster monthly, quarterly, and year-end closes
  • Eliminate handling of paper invoices from your AP process
  • Integration with any ERP
  • Secure yet distributed desktop invoice access
  • Collect and analyze data that is acquired instead of throwing it away
  • Route Invoices to any person in your company automatically – unlimited users

Case Study:

Front End Invoice Processing For Global Manufacturer

Case Study:

Accounts Payable Processing For A Large Rehabilitation Organization

Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff



Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy



We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II compliant facility


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience