Case Study

Digital Mailroom:

IT Company


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 Industry: Information Technology


An IT company was expanding their company and was looking for a way to manage their physical incoming mail to get ahead of their expansion. They outsourced their mailroom operations to Recordsforce where we set up a digital mailroom solution, digitizing their documents and uploading them to our cloud-based document management system. In doing so, the IT company no longer had to manage the collection and distribution of their physical mail, saving them time and money, while also allowing them to receive their important data more quickly.

Analyzing The Problem

The IT company was currently receiving about 250 pieces of mail per month. Their company was growing and they didn’t want to have to deal with their manual mail processes in their expansion. They were concerned about losing important business data, as well as their ability to distribute these documents to the right employee.  To manage their growth, they would either need to hire a mailroom employee to manage the process, or outsource to a digital mailroom provider.

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Creating A Customized Solution

Using Recordsforce’s digital mailroom solution, the IT company’s mail was now routed to our SSAE-18 SOC II compliant scanning facility. Batches of their mail were checked into our PACE customer portal so their team had complete real-time visibility over their documents while being processed. Envelopes were opened and documents were prepared to run through our high-speed scanners. From there, data was extracted to capture the required fields that will determine the proper routing of mail to the right employee. Images and data were then quality reviewed for accuracy and clarity. Their digital mail was then automatically distributed amongst their organization securely via the notification workflow built into our cloud-hosted document management system within 24-48 hours of being checked into PACE for processing.

            Instant Results

            As a result, the IT company was able to reap several benefits of a digital mailroom solution. To start, they no longer needed to hire a person to manually process their mail, significantly reducing the time and effort to manage physical mail, leading to improved overall efficiency. Now that someone else manages their mail for them, they also receive their documents and data so much faster, with the use of automation and advanced technologies offered by Recordsforce. They also have more enhanced accessibility now, being able to access and distribute documents remotely, improving collaboration and decision-making. Other benefits of transitioning to a digital mailroom include:

            • Increased Security – The document management system includes security features like encryption and access controls.
            • Better Compliance – Digital mailrooms help you maintain accurate and easily accessible records, making it easier to record-keep and follow strict compliant requirements.
            • Cost Savings – Reduced paper usage, manor labor and storage and equipment expenses.
            • Scalability – Digital mailrooms can be scaled to accommodate the needs of a growing business. As businesses expand, the system can adapt to handle larger volumes.