“AMOE” stands for alternate method of entry and is a term you’ll often see in sweepstakes rules. AMOEs are an entry method for sweepstakes when the other entry methods require a purchase, or have more than one way for people to enter. For example, if you’re unable to fill out a form online, you can send the entry via mail if they offer an AMOE. The most common types of AMOE include completing a simple entry form online, following a brand or sharing a photo on social media and writing in by mail. 

With mail-in entries being a popular choice, receiving millions of envelopes a month, it can take sweepstakes companies hours upon hours to organize and capture the required data to be able to choose a fair winner at random. So how do they manage the mail-in entries? With an outsourced digital mailroom solution provider, like Recordsforce.

At Recordsforce, we receive the envelopes at our SSAE-18 SOC II compliant document scanning facility. The envelopes are opened and the contents, usually a card, along with the envelopes are prepared to go through our high-speed scanners to ensure high quality resolution. Using a combination of AI and human verification, the required data is extracted, which is typically the first and last name, the code of entry and the postmark date. From there, the now digitized images and their corresponding data are quality reviewed for accuracy and then delivered electronically. At Recordsforce, we store the AMOEs until a certain period of time after the contest has ended in case validation of authenticity and equity of the contest is needed.

By outsourcing the management of your mail-in AMOE you can gain many benefits. You save the time and costs associated with needing to manage all of that mail on your own. You also save on office space since you would no longer need to physically store the millions of envelopes you receive each month. Not to mention the ease of accessibility with digital documents. Lastly, digital mailrooms can be scaled to accommodate the larger volumes of entries as your sweepstakes/AMOE company grows.

If you want to learn more about sweepstakes and AMOE digitization, contact us!