Maybe you’re preparing your office for a completely remote workforce, or you’re just sick and tired of dealing with all the paper you get in the mail. Either way, you are wondering exactly how a digital mailroom works. Handling physical mail the old-fashioned way can be a tedious task and can significantly slow down your business processes. Not only is it a drain on resources, but it can also cause issues like decreased customer satisfaction, issues with noncompliance or even fees.

In simple terms, a digital mailroom is an outsourced solution that consists of the collection of your incoming mail, identifying the mail of value, scanning the documents, extracting the required data from the documents, and delivering them to the right person in your company with an automatic notification workflow. A digital mailroom is a way to convert your mail into structured data that supports your business processes. This streamlines the way critical business information reaches the decision makers in your business, whether they are down the hall or across the globe.

There are two ways to do this – buy a software that you will use yourself to scan and extract data and then integrate into your systems, or you can fully outsource the process with a company like Recordsforce, which allows you to get your documents without lifting a finger. The digital mailroom provider establishes a PO box that is monitored and managed daily by their staff, mail is collected, scanned and your documents and data are digitally delivered to you.

At Recordsforce, incoming mail is directed to a dedicated customer PO box. Mail is brought to our secure, SSAE-18 certified document scanning facility, and then we open and sort your mail. The documents of value are scanned with our high-speed scanners, and then indexed, meaning the data you require is extracted via a combination of artificial intelligence and manual keying. Your data and images are then quality reviewed for accuracy and clarity. From there your documents are digitally routed to you for processing. We can upload your now digitized mail into your current software, or we can deliver via Recordsforce Cloud, our document management system, which has an included workflow system that will route your documents to the right person in your organization automatically for zero-touch processing.

Modernizing your mailroom ensures that you receive your important documents as quickly and efficiently as possible. The benefits of a digital mailroom are beneficial for any industry, from retail to manufacturing, to healthcare and transportation. It leads to a more connected enterprise, and allows you to share information easily with other stakeholders, enabling greater collaboration and ensuring continuity.

An automated mail process also helps you get things done quicker, which means more customer satisfaction and an improved user experience for your customers but also your staff. Integrating your digital mailroom solution with a document management system like Recordsforce Cloud also means increased security and the ability to audit, as well as eliminating the concern of documents being lost in the shuffle. Even more importantly, you reduce costs by needing less physical space and less staffing needs.

No more wasting time distributing and filing documents. Reduce your administration overheads and scale easily as your company grows. Recordsforce has an easy-to-use electronic management system that allows you to easily integrate with other systems and automate your workflow, delivering data where it needs to go. Learn more about accelerating your mailroom processes.