Manual and paper-intensive mailroom processes increase operational costs, delay access to documents and create overall inefficiencies around the office. So what’s the best way to get rid of those problems? Outsource your mailroom for digital mailroom services. This means that a trusted provider will have your mail collected for you, digitized, and delivered directly to the right person in your organization. No more collecting mail, sorting it and possibly even losing it. Here are five key benefits of using digital mailroom services:

1. Enable remote access

It’s almost 2023, which means that a large part of the workforce has transitioned into hybrid or full remote work. With this, comes the need to access our mail and documents digitally, without the need to collect our mail or have them held up in the sorting process. According to a survey by Upwork, due to COVID-19, 61.9% of companies were planning more remote work now and in the following years to come. The survey even predicts that 36.2 million workers, or 22% of Americans, will be working remotely by the year 2025 – an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels.” Digital mailrooms are critical to keeping your business moving, at any time and from anywhere. Especially since your staff can view their documents from any device – computer, mobile or tablet. 

2. Faster access

When you outsource your mailroom, your mail is collected, digitized and delivered to the right person in your organization with an automated internal workflow, sometimes as quickly as within eight hours. You don’t have to wait for days for your mail to sit in a mailroom, be sorted manually and then possibly delivered to the wrong person. Even better, your remote employees don’t have to take time out of their day to physically retrieve their mail, as well as sift through the junk that comes with it, therefore increasing productivity.  By outsourcing your mailroom, you can also waive late fees and missed early payment discounts goodbye and say hello to happier customers!

3. Increased security

As with any manual paper process, there is room for human error. Paper mail and documents can be misfiled, lost, and can even be the reason for compromised data. With a digital mailroom solution, your important documents and data are received by a secure facility, digitized immediately and delivered by a system, like Recordsforce Cloud, which is fully auditable and traceable. You have visibility and control over the entire process and can easily control the levels of access to certain documents. 

4. Reduced operational costs

Like any streamlined process, the more efficient you are, the less money you are unnecessarily spending on your operations. With a digital mailroom solution, your staff is getting their documents more quickly, which means their work gets done faster. Their work hours are also spent on core functions versus dealing with their mail and paper documents. You no longer need to pay the overhead of a mailroom and its staff, as well as spend money on a storage facility or precious real estate within your office for your paper documents. There’s a better allocation of resources and an overall reduction of costs.  

5. Enhanced accuracy / Data automation

Hand-keying errors can cause a business billions in dollars. Trusted digital mailroom providers, like Recordsforce, have the experience and technology to ensure the accuracy of your data. Our document management system also has built-in OCR and other data extraction capabilities, saving your staff even more time and reliability of precision. In addition, you will have more visibility and control over your process and will allow you to make accurate data-driven decisions for your business in the future. 

Recordsforce helps businesses of all sizes streamline their mail processes and automate the routing and delivery of their digital mail. If you’re ready to take the next steps towards a digital mailroom, reach out and book a demo with our team.