Now that you are working from home, surrounded by giant stacks of Charmin, you may be noticing that some of your work is pretty much the same, but other work is nearly impossible to do. Your digital documents and cloud-based work is uninterrupted by a work from home requirement. That makes sense. The cloud can be accessed anywhere you have the internet and cloud-based tools are built for portability.

What you may also be noticing is that your physical/paper documents that are at the office are completely inaccessible. Documents that come into your PO box or mailroom aren’t easy to share or distribute when everyone is in their pajamas working from their living rooms.  For example, if you are using a paper-based invoice process, you are still getting invoices at the office that will need to be paid, possibly before you are able to physically access them. What will happen? 

We work with businesses across the country to help them eliminate these paper records from their businesses while automating the once paper-based processes they drive. Here are some areas where companies find value in “Going Paperless” that keep you out of this jam:

  • Accounts Payable – Invoice Processing
  • Human Resources – Employee File Management
  • Claim Documents
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • Credit Applications and Back-up Documents
  • Any paper document that gets mailed to a mailbox and needs to go into a system!

By going paperless you get a lot of other benefits that include:

  1. Disaster recovery 
  2. Easy cloud-based access
  3. A single version for all users 
  4. No need for filing documents
  5. No physical storage requirements
  6. Never lose a document once it’s in the system
  7. Easy to route and share with other users inside or outside the system. (Security controlled, of course.)

If you have any questions about your own processes, go check us out at, or book some time to chat virtually with one of our personnel, we’re happy and ready to help!