Every business, regardless of size, can benefit by the use of automation. It simplifies areas of a business by automatically accomplishing tasks that an employee would otherwise have to do manually. This is especially true for back office processes for small businesses. The Small and Medium Business Trends Report from Salesforce from 2017 surveyed nearly 500 small business owners and leaders and reported that “small businesses automating their processes in some way are 1.6-times more likely to be growing than those that don’t. Likewise, growing small businesses are twice as likely to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) as stagnant businesses.”

Automation is key for small businesses when it comes time to scale. Instead of needing to invest in time, people or processes, automation can step in and reduce your overall costs. Especially for back office, paper-heavy processes like accounting, human resources and contract management that are extremely important to keeping business running, but don’t necessarily make the business a profit. A document management system, like Recordsforce Cloud, can help you manage these types of processes by automating them and improving efficiency within them. 

First and foremost, a document management system would eliminate the need to work with physical documents in the first place. With document storage capabilities, your documents are secure and safe and you no longer need to waste office space or money on physically storing your documents. With your documents in the cloud, you can quickly retain any document or document type with ability to search by any field or even any word.  If nothing else this saves you and your employees countless hours worth of time and as we know; time is money. 

Enabling a document management system to handle your back off processes also allows you to keep track of things like contract management and even hiring with a small team. You can operate like an enterprise business without enterprise resources. Maybe you have one person leading various review tasks that need to get done and as a result is constantly on top of everyone to make sure things are getting done. A document management software can do that for you instead. The workflow capabilities can send off automatic notifications and reminders and even give management tools to track if tasks are being completed and on time. 

When it comes to contract management for your small business, it can be hard to track where a contract stands in the process or when they may be expiring with limited resources. Recordsforce Cloud has workflow capabilities that can move the contract along without any manual guiding. You can even set automatic notifications to remind a contract manager that a contract may be expiring shortly. 

Worried about document retention? With the document retention capabilities, you can set document retention guidelines on any document type and the system will automatically delete them out of storage, saving you time and money. The automatic notifications mitigate your organization’s risk with a fully-automated set of intelligent triggers to help identify and dispose of the documents you no longer need to store.

Recordsforce Cloud is a completely cloud-based document management system that integrates document storage, workflow and electronic or digital forms to create one solution for your entire organization. When it comes to your back office, Recordsforce Cloud allows you to store and retain all of your corporate documentation without needing to waste production space or pay for physical storage. The document storage system helps companies safely manage all of their documents and information and provide secure access to the data from anywhere.