Finally getting rid of all your paper documents is exciting and can make your workplace more organized and efficient without all of that wasted money and space. Moving your documents into a document management solution, like Recordsforce Cloud, will give you fast, easy and secure access to your documents. However, once the document preparation process has started, most businesses realize they have a lot more documents than they originally thought. If documents are not properly prepared, it can delay the delivery of accurate work to the subsequent processes of digitizing the documents. There are a few things you can do to help prepare your documents for scanning, which will not only streamline the process and allow us to input your documents faster and avoid potential issues, but will also save you costs in outsourced document preparation.

If you’re getting ready to digitize your documents, here are some tips on how to prime your documents for scanning prior to starting your project to save you time and money  in the long run.


    1. Purge the documents you don’t need. It is most efficient and cost-saving to have only the documents and pages that are necessary to be scanned by your document scanning company.
    2. Separate your documents. Go through every page and remove staples, paper clips or any material that binds your pages together. This ensures that no pages will be skipped in scanning but will also prevent a misfeed or damage to documents as they go through the scanner.
    3. Tape down small pieces of paper. Tape receipts, sticky notes or any and all small pieces of paper, on all sides, on a blank piece of paper or just take a copy of them. This will ensure these pages get scanned, but will also prevent any skewing of the images.
    4. Unfold your documents. Smooth out creases and flatten out the dog-eared corners of your pages so they can run smoothly through our scanners, ensuring that your valuable information is visible on your digital image.
    5. Organize/Categorize your documents. Sending along your documents in the order you want will streamline your process, saving the paper preparation team a lot of time, and saving you money. Planning out how you would like your documents to be received and indexed will prevent the back-and-forth of questions when your document scanning company starts preparing and scanning your documents.

Using these tips, you will be able to reduce the time it takes your document scanning company to prepare your documents, allowing you to receive your digital documents much faster.

Recordsforce, a New England based document scanning company, can help you through every step of the document scanning process to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible.