Does your team constantly manage information that is submitted via various types of documents, PDF’s, or other submittals?  Do you have a database of historical information that has never been leveraged for any trends or usable data? Do you have a team manually classifying documents, extracting data, or processing exceptions as a result of the limited capabilities your existing software provides?  Recordsforce works with companies throughout these industries to offer a fully automated solution around document processing and data extraction. These include:

    • Mortgage
    • Banking 
    • Investment
    • Insurance
    • Government
    • Real Estate
    • AP
    • Human Resources

How Does Recordsforce Do This?

Our process for eliminating manual data entry: 

  • Document Classification: Recordsforce collects the incoming documents, PDF’s, or any other type of submittal on behalf of our clients through either an online portal or physically with our digital mailroom services.  Batches immediately get classified and on-boarded into our PACE system as the first step in our process.  
  • Data Extraction: 
    Whether it be within structured or unstructured formats, Recordsforce has the ability to extract key data elements off any type of documentation by combining both auto extraction tools and Recordsforce’s data validation team, and completely eliminating the need for any in-house manual data extraction tasks.  
  • Data Entry
    The extracted data set is then either delivered back to the client or on-boarded directly into the client’s systems in whatever format they’d like it to be delivered.  

Why Should I Do This For My Business?

H.L. Mencken once said “for every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.” Document processing and data extraction are complex problems.  Clients work with Recordsforce because we can create a full end-to-end automation of the entire process. By combining state-of-the-art software with best in class management, our clients no longer need to manage data extraction processes: Recordsforce handles that.  

The benefits include:

Business process specialty

Whether you specialize in lending, insurance, healthcare, running a court system, or anything else, your industry likely specializes in something other than data entry, so why would you want to make that your business?  

For decades, Recordsforce has built our business around managing these exact processes.  Leave the management of these tasks to our team so your team can focus on your expertise.  Leveraging our PACE system, Recordsforce offers complete transparency into the production so our clients always know that they are on target for delivery.

Speed and accuracy of delivery

Manual processing typically comes with costly human errors that can slow down the entire operation.  Recordsforce solved this issue through our PACE system. Recordsforce’s automation and production team is constantly measured for speed of processing, and then validated through a quality check for accuracy.  Speed is great, unless it comes with many errors. Accuracy is vital to the success of the process, so both being measured creates a system of checks and balances, ensuring that our client’s receive the highest quality of work in the fastest time possible.

Transform unstructured documents into usable data 

Documents contain data that your business needs to run successfully.  The problem is that it typically gets submitted in all shapes and sizes.  Recordsforce has the ability to process any type of document, structured or unstructured, typed or handwritten.  Because we combine both software automation with manual expertise, there is no type of document that we are unable to process properly.

Our goal is to make business more efficient through automation, not just one process more efficient, while also creating new problems elsewhere as a result.  Software can be a great tool to help, but is rarely the entire solution a business is looking for.  Recordsforce end to end document processing and data extraction services can increase speed, efficiency, and productivity within an organization as teams no longer have to spend time and resources managing data entry processes, or worry about how their data is getting into the system.  Recordsforce handles that.