When the pandemic hit and many businesses were figuring out how to manage their remote workers, workflow systems became the key to making sure their teams were staying productive. Paper-based business process management is next to impossible from home, not to mention how labor intensive and error prone it is. Workflow systems, like workflow from Recordsforce Cloud, help your business accelerate approval turnaround times, increase operational efficiency, and even help you avoid late fees or legal fines. They are a simple software to help your business processes start and end in the most efficient way possible. 

So, what is workflow?

Workflow, simply put, is the process of moving data to the proper users to do their share of a larger process. Once a user or process is complete, a workflow system can move data to the next phase of work until the process is complete. Workflows allow you to focus on one step of the process at a time. You can set up specific rules for different situations or processes, assign roles, and give tasks to employees based on pre-set criteria. Workflow systems, like workflow from Recordsforce Cloud, can be used for virtually any document-driven process, or any process that is time-consuming and repetitive, and for any business type. For example, a workflow system can automate the invoice approval process for Accounts Payable departments or even vacation requests for Human Resource departments.  

How does it boost team productivity?  

A workflow system can boost your team’s productivity in many aspects. First, it is accessible across all departments, from onboarding new employees in Human Resources, to onboarding new clients in Operations. It creates one cohesive process across the organization. During a time where all or most of your staff is working from home, this can be extremely beneficial.

For instance, it makes processes manageable from a distance and adds seamless communication throughout an organization through a shared and efficient workspace. When it is easier to understand a process from start to finish, there is an increase in trust among employees through transparency. Along with this, when teams are able to see each step needed within their processes, they are able to see where issues may lie and can focus on improvement and giving constructive feedback. This also reduces errors in the long run and eliminates the need for your staff to spend time fixing issues, allowing them to focus on the tasks at hand.

A workflow system also boosts team productivity by creating timely distribution of tasks. Your team wouldn’t need to depend on one person getting important information out. Instead, the automatic notifications within the system would ensure tasks are completed on time. Furthermore, since everyone will know exactly what needs to be done, there’s no wasted time of the back-and-forth with colleagues. Employees are able to manage their own time better by knowing the process and the manual and repetitive tasks are automated, streamlining processes and visibility into progress. It makes it easy to prioritize what tasks need to be completed first when the system does it for you!

Lastly, a workflow system boosts productivity by improving morale and company culture within your organization. When employees know exactly what they are responsible for within a company and are confident they can get their tasks done correctly, they feel more valued within their organization. They may also be more motivated to get work done and get a sense of accomplishment, especially when seeing their coworkers doing the same. 

In all, a workflow system can remove the manual, inefficient and repetitive processes within your organization and allow your employees to focus on the tasks that will make your business successful, all while adding security and cost savings. Workflow from Recordsforce Cloud automates your business process management, accelerates completion and drives accountability into your organization’s critical business processes.