Recordsforce is a company with a 20 year history of making processes better for our clients. Our vision as a company is to create a world where everyone is fulfilled by the work they do. The way we contribute to that vision is through the elimination of repetitive everyday tasks for our customers everywhere we can. This frees everyone from the repetitive and stressful tasks that add no value to your department.  

Does your department do any of the following tasks during financial aid season?

  • Open financial aid application envelopes
  • Sort packages of financial aid documents by type (Classification)
  • Scan financial aid documents into a digital system
  • Capture data off tax documents into a system
  • Use student labor to perform these tasks 
  • Try to meet production spikes with manual processes and inexperienced workers.

Recordsforce wants to do your financial aid document processing for you. We believe by doing it, we can free your staff up to improve your financial aid department’s performance and enhance the customer experience at the same time.  

The way we process your records uses a combination of customer portals, PO box management services, artificial intelligence and customized software created by Recordsforce. This all comes together in a service that is supported by operators who are the very best at what they do in the industry. 

Our team is excited to get to work everyday, solving new challenges and seeing the results of their hard work paying off.  Our workers focus all of their effort on being the best at financial aid document processing.

In the last year, we’ve processed over 500,000 financial aid packages with over 5,000,000 documents submitted for processing.  That’s a lot of 1040’s, W’2, 1099’s, Letters of Explanation, Tax Schedules, Non-Tax Filer documents, etc… With our focus on financial aid, we leverage the best equipment and technology, which is exciting and always changing for our team. 

We have staff members developing AI solutions for document classification who started with the company as entry level employees, performing basic data entry tasks.  The opportunity to advance within the company as a career means our employees are making progress towards a greater personal goal, which drives them to improve themselves and the work they do.

You can benefit from our passion and dedication to financial aid processing. Why not let Recordsforce do your inbound financial aid document processing for you? We bring solutions and people to the challenge that you will love working with!