The buying, selling, and managing of properties is a paper-intensive process. You are in charge of keeping many different documents organized and secure. You or your team members are always on the go and many of you probably work remotely. So what does that mean for the various forms and documents, like property tax statements and insurance claims, that are being mailed to your physical business location? You or someone on your team has to drive to your office or PO box, collect the mail, and then sort it. This leads to wasted time and possible issues of lost documents or documents not getting to the right people. 

This is where a digital mailroom solution comes in. Instead of manually dealing with the permits, home titles and other important real estate documents coming in the mail, they are collected for you, digitized and automatically delivered. With a typical digital mailroom solution, a PO box is set up for your business, daily your mail is collected by your digital mailroom vendor, who then opens and sorts your mail. The documents of value are scanned and the data you require is extracted, the data and images are quality reviewed for accuracy and then are automatically distributed digitally to the right member of your team.

Additionally, sometimes you have to deal with mail-away closings. Mail-away closings require great organization and even better communication. With a digital mailroom solution, you don’t have to worry about losing the important closing documents. Instead they are uploaded directly into a cloud retention system and automatically routed to the right person in your organization for the next task. Some document management systems, like Recordsforce Cloud, allow for collaboration portals, where you can safely and securely work on a document with someone outside of your organization. 

 Other than completely eliminating your paper mail headaches, what are the benefits of a digital mailroom? If you use an electronic document management system as part of your process your now digitized documents are stored securely in the cloud. This means you can find the information you need in a snap without spending hours searching through paper documents. You can also view these documents from anywhere, on any device, making your work on the go that much easier. Lastly, since your documents are digitized and stored in a secure electronic document management system, they are far more safe and secure than their paper counterparts. You never have to worry about them being lost, stolen, misfiled or even destroyed in a natural disaster.  

Recordsforce is a SSAE-18 SOC II compliant facility, meaning our processes and software have been audited to uphold the highest security standards. More than just a software that you have to upload your documents to manually, Recordsforce offers an end-to-end digital mailroom solution that can eliminate the need for your real estate company to deal with any mailed documents at all. Schedule a demo or contact us to learn more.