On January 19th, 2001, Recordsforce (then named Accelerated Imaging) was created by Bill and Katja Becker in the basement of their home with the mission to bring state-of-the-art imaging services to customers through a redefined process of document imaging. Prior to founding Recordsforce, Bill worked in the document management industry for over 12 years in roles ranging from data entry clerk to now, President and CEO. Although Recordsforce was in its infancy at this stage, the management team had over 25 years of combined experience in the document management industry. Over the years, Recordsforce has grown to service national and international clients, as well as offer a complete line of outsourced services from document scanning to document automation and cloud services.

Company Highlights:

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2001: Recordsforce had their first official scanning client and owned one Kodak 3500 document scanner. 


2002: Bill and Katja Becker moved Accelerated Imaging out of their basement into our first office and we had our first large FDA document scanning project. 

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2004: Accelerated Imaging officially became Recordsforce – we now owned two Kodak 3500 document scanners and our business continued to grow. 

2009: We created and started using our Be Productive System (BPS), which would later be developed into PACE. PACE is our business operating system, which we use to automatically track productivity and throughput by being our time clock, task tracker, client portal and management/reporting dashboard all in one.

2010: Recordsforce performed our first SAS-70 audit (now SSAE-18 SOC II) and became  the first document scanning company in New England to receive this certification. 

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2014: MadWhack, our document processing software that was created in-house by our IT team, was first implemented and is the software we continue to use today! 

2016: Recordsforce continued to grow and that meant bringing on new employees! We built our own training lab to onboard and train our employees more easily on the variety of clients and projects we had.

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2018: Recordsforce updated and revamped our company core values.

2019: We started using and developing artificial intelligence in our process.  We also completely renovated our office including creating the mantrap to increase security.

2020: The COVID-19 pandemic hit and we sent the majority of our staff to work from home. We executed remote production and the need for remote work across the globe created a large need for document scanning and automation services.

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2021: Recordsforce purchases our IBML Fusion 7300 scanner, which can scan 1,300 pages per minute to keep up with the demand for our services!

2022: Recordsforce continues to work hard, adjust and evolve to continue to be the top provider of document scanning, document automation and cloud services.