Hiring can be a difficult and complex process, especially when you need to hire a large amount of people in a short period of time. From scheduling interviews to sending rejection emails, it can be time consuming to track each candidate and where they might be in the process, especially in a time where the majority of the workforce is now remote. 

Recordsforce has an annual project that requires us to size up our staff dramatically. On top of that, we require training sessions prior to hiring and the process can become quite complicated. However, using our Recordsforce Cloud system, we were able to automate the process using the built in workflow functionality for our Human Resources department and successfully onboard 50 people in one week. 

How did we do it? Recordsforce Cloud, our cloud based document management system, contains many functionalities that are beneficial to the hiring process. From digital forms to an automated workflow, it pretty much does the tasks involved in the hiring on its own. Here is an in-depth example of how it worked for us:

Our job postings within Indeed.com includes a link to a digital form within Recordsforce Cloud, and these kick off automated workflows depending upon the position that was applied for. 

  1. An applicant fills out our application via a digital form and then receives an automatic “thank you for applying” email.
  2. Recordsforce Cloud does a basic review of the applicant and depending upon their answers to our hiring requirement questions, the system determines who can continue on the hiring process or who is rejected. If they did not meet all of our requirements, the system sends an automated rejection email. 
  3. If the applicant met all our basic requirements, the system will send an email to HR to review. HR now has a simple yes or no button to click after reviewing the application. If they click no, an automated rejection email is sent and the workflow is stopped. If they click yes, an email with a link to schedule their interview/training class is sent. Reminder emails can be set up if a candidate has not signed up within a certain timeframe. 

These workflows are key to automating our hiring process and eliminating repetitive manual tasks. It made it easier for us to collaborate across departments when we could work off a cloud-based system versus sharing Google Docs back and forth via email. It also made it possible for us to utilize fewer employees to handle the burden of hiring, whereas before we needed multiple staff members to assist with scheduling, training and interviews. The approvals and requests that were once manually handled were redesigned and executed effortlessly through automated workflows.

Not only can employee onboarding be automated, but any manual repetitive HR process like contracts and performance reviews can be too. Automated workflows improve accuracy, efficiency, and even productivity.  Other benefits include reduced errors, reduced costs, saved time, and increased profitability. More importantly, no more stress for new hires or the HR team.

From process automation to gathering metrics to improve our process and having a clearly defined hiring workflow, Recordsforce Cloud was key to our success of hiring 50 employees in one week.