Keeping track of your accounts receivable and accounts payable is key to understanding profitability as a business.  Over the past decade, the majority of large corporations have found ways to leverage accounting software and data capture tools to automate their entire process around reviewing invoices.  Tools for this are expensive, but at their size, this is a necessity that ultimately produces an ROI for the company due to their large volumes of invoices every month.

Small and medium-sized businesses however, are typically handling accounts payable processes manually as their staff don’t have access or ability to leverage enterprise-sized systems and software with multiple add-ons and processing features.  In terms of automating an invoice review process, the majority of these businesses could benefit from an out-of-the-box, affordable option that doesn’t require a fully dedicated team to onboard, implement, and train over the course of a few months. This is where Recordsforce Cloud’s integration with QuickBooks comes in.

Recordsforce Cloud and QuickBooks are integrated to give people an easy and simple way to manage their Accounts Payable processing. Recordsforce Cloud, a web-based document management tool, combined with QuickBooks’ bookkeeping software gives you the best of both worlds. You simply drag and drop invoices into Recordsforce Cloud, and the software indexes the invoices for you by grabbing all the required data fields automatically. Recordsforce Cloud includes a workflow component to notify your team that invoices are awaiting approval and once approved, the invoices and their data are automatically sent directly into your QuickBooks account. 

Without a document management system paired with a bookkeeping software, you may be wasting time manually entering the data or losing your invoices. With Recordsforce Cloud in addition to your QuickBooks software, the process is more efficient, less time-consuming, and there are way fewer mistakes versus manually processing. You can completely reduce double entry and gain immediate approvals and oversight. Recordsforce Cloud integration into QuickBooks can help you save time and give you a secure place to store your important documents with access to them at any time, from any device.

When manually processing, you’re creating processes that are labor-intensive, inconsistent and inefficient. Using software like Recordsforce Cloud and QuickBooks to automate your process lowers the risk of human error, and gives you a more professional process. Our integration is designed to save users time, effort and money with your Accounts Payable processing.