You know the drill, you’ve set the deadlines for your students and their families to submit their financial aid verification documentation months in advance. No one should be surprised by the dates for early decision and regular decision awards. Yet every year, 70% of your applications come in the week before the deadline, with up to half of those arriving in the 24 hours before the deadline. Why? It’s human nature.

What does it mean for you? Every year there is a large amount of work to get done in a small amount of time. The work requires accuracy and attention to detail, so asking staff to work over time goes directly against the goal of being accurate. Mistakes can be costly, so what can you do? Your office might use student labor to assist in the processing of financial aid. While this may seem like a great option to get through the workload, it may violate new privacy standards, as the expectation of privacy can’t exist if the workers and the candidate pool are a 100% overlap. You don’t want to risk the exposure or sharing of one of your student’s confidential information through the use of student workers. With the need to scale rapidly, but still maintain quality, there’s been a compromise on many campuses to use workers that may not be the best fit for the job. So, how do you meet the challenging requirements of seasonal admissions and financial aid processing?

Recordsforce provides an easy-to-integrate outsourced document processing solution. It doesn’t matter what system you use to manage your awards and decisions, Recordsforce can receive your student’s submissions via a managed PO box and submission portal. On a daily basis new applicant documents upload directly to their files. Imagine never having to see another stack of fin aid documents or admissions applications on the desks of everyone in your office again!

If you run the seasonal operation, you know how challenging it is to recruit, train and manage the team that opens all of the mail, and classifies all of the documents that are submitted. On top of that, they also verify the accuracy of all the financial data, family information, and required documents from financial aid documents, as well as the GPAs, graduation status, etc…

We custom tailor our services to deliver exactly what you need. From naming inbound documents properly, to extracting data from each document based on your requirements. Recordsforce processes over 1,000,000 financial aid and admissions applications per year for universities across the United States.  If you are stuck in a constant cycle of scaling up and down, and creating seasonal headaches for yourself, consider automating as an alternative.  It could save you time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation.