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Delivered As Needed Through The Cloud!

Paper records are an expensive hassle that are time-consuming to file, retrieve and manage and can make accessing your critical documents difficult. Do you have a backlog of client documents that you want digitized but you’re unsure if you have the budget or time to do so? Recordsforce’s Document Scan on Demand program allows you to go paperless without the large upfront cost of digitizing all of your documents at once. 

How Does Scan On Demand Work?

Document Scan on Demand is exactly what the title suggests. Recordsforce will receive your documents either via our courier or through the mail and will store them in our SSAE-18 SOC Type II facility. When you are in need of a document, you request it, we will find the stored document, digitize it, and deliver the image through our secure cloud-based software where you can access it at anytime. From there, you can use our FLOH system to determine if you would like us to continue to store your document or have them properly shredded.

Scan On Demand Boxes

Digitize Over Time – No Abrupt Changes or Disruptions

If you have a paper-dominant company, it can be difficult to go paperless. Document Scan on Demand gives you the ability to free up office space, as well as digitize all of your documents when you might not yet have the budget to do so at one time. Digitizing a large amount of documents in one go can also take quite a bit of time, which can make it difficult when you are in a paper-based industry.

Benefits of Recordsforce’s Scan On Demand Program:


Streamlined Process

Disaster Prevention

Access From Anywhere

Accelerate Data Delivery

Increase Data Security

Connect Your Enterprise

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Why Choose Recordsforce?


State of the art scanning technology & highly trained and experienced staff.


Strict quality control process ensuring the highest of accuracy.


We operate within a secure SSAE-18 SOC II Compliant facility.


20+ years of document scanning & document management experience.

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