Use your ARPA Grant for Municipal Record Digitization

Free up office space and modernize your town’s operations with our secure, fast, and accurate digitization services using your ARPA grant funds.  Recordsforce has worked with multiple municipalities throughout the country to digitize their records and import the new digital images directly into their systems.

What is the ARPA Grant?

Signed into law on March 11, 2021, The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARPA”) provides $350 billion in additional funding for state and local governments. One of the goals of ARPA is to improve municipal technology. As the Government Finance Officers Association states, “Investment in critical infrastructure is particularly well suited use of ARPA funds because it is a non-recurring expenditure that can be targeted to strategically important long- term assets that provide benefits over many years.”


How The ARPA Grant Can Help Digitize Your Municipal Records

Under the category of broadband infrastructure, Recordsforce can help you utilize your ARPA grant funds to digitize your municipal records. No matter the size of your city or town, you have a lot of records to manage. In a digital-first world, paper-based processes slow you down and make it difficult to deliver services. Recordsforce can help!


  • Provide a central document repository that is accessible to all authorized personnel from any location & any device
  • Provide public access to government resources without use of scarce staff resources
  • Access digital backups that comply with disaster recovery planning
  • Reduce physical storing space for documents
  • Reduce duplication errors & needing to recheck reports
  • Eliminate bottlenecks when staff are away for a significant period of time
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How Recordsforce Can Help

Recordsforce has a proven track record of helping municipalities digitize their documents and automate their document processes.

Case Study

Recordsforce was the main scanning vendor involved with numerous towns participating in the CARES Act Vermont land records project and worked with over 30 municipalities to digitize the physical land records and upload them to an online portal.

Municipal Grant

How To Allocate Your ARPA Funds Toward Digitization

1.  Submit the requested information to your state’s Treasury Department so the allocated funds can be used. 

2. Get some preliminary pricing from an imaging company and then submit your plan and the required funds to your Select Board. 

3. Hire an imaging company and select a system to manage the files once they’re digital. To continue to stay paperless, continue to scan your records as you go, or use digital forms to eliminate the use of paper.

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